The Idea

In this modern age our recognition of the importance that oxygen and water play in the world continually grows.

Infusing water with oxygen provides great added value in the challenges we face in agriculture and water remediation. As aeration techniques have evolved and improved there is a growing awareness about the virtues of nano-bubbles.

In 2005, we set out to engineer a more efficient and cost-effective solution for delivering aerated water.

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How it works

While aeration systems were known to have a multitude of benefits, contemporary delivery systems were sub-optimal, expensive, and inflexible. We decided to change that by engineering a better way of delivering smaller bubbles.

A nano-bubble a measures diameter of 0.1um - 10um (a human hair is about 80um across). Cumulatively, these bubbles maximize the oxygen's surface area, thus maximizing its benefits.

At Blue Planet Environmental, our engineers have developed the most efficient ways to infuse oxygen and other gases into water. Our nano-bubble generators can deliver without external energy and outperform conventional aeration systems. Plus, our modular design allows for unparalleled flexibility and ease of integration.

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So does it work? After 8 years, the results speak for themselves. We've helped companies like LEGOLAND, GrowHaus, Citrex, and Stone Bridge Farm with everything from descaling and purification to aquaculture and hydroponic farming. And with a pipeline full of innovative applications, we promise to continue delivering the oxygen your business needs to thrive.

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Applications & Benefits

Water Remediation

Using the power of nano-bubbles we infuse ponds with oxygen that promotes healthy bacteria to clean water.


Our engineers developed new methods for delivering nano-bubble technology for hydroponic greenhouses. Hydroponics already can provide a 10X increase in yields versus conventional agriculture, and with HydroBloom produce yields can be increased by another 30%.

Consumer & home

Humans spend 90% of their time indoors. Buildings therefore represent a huge percentage of our impact on the environment. Our oxygenators have a wide range of applications in buildings, from improving laundry water efficiency and effectiveness, to maintaining high quality water features.


Our technology demonstrated enormous improvements in aquaculture. Using it in shrimp farms in Guatemala, we found increases in the size of shrimp by over 30% and 1.5 harvests per year.

Pools & Spas

Now, Blue Planet Environmental is striving to help you take part in water conservation by designing products for everyday life that reduce your impact on the environment. This technology can be used to improve the quality of pool and spa water without the use of harsh chemicals.


We strive to reduce the impact that our clients have on the environment by designing products that can be used in any type of building--schools, malls, stadiums, and supermarkets.

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