Since 2005 Blue Planet Environmental has focused on the development of a technology that we believed would have numerous applications both for commercial and individual use.

The early years were dedicated to prototypical models to test the efficacy of our nano-bubble technology to confirm that the manner in which we infused oxygen and ozone gases into water yielded significantly greater results than other methods of aeration.

As our research and development phase evolved we concluded that the technology efficiently aerated water with impressive results. These tests confirmed that the Blue Planet Environmental technology enhanced growth rates; root absorption, yielded increased growth rates in fish, and saved considerable amounts expended for energy costs vs. other methods of aeration, and the nano-bubbles presented a cost efficient means to clean up algae and other water borne waste in ponds, lakes and other water bodies.

We are now engaged in marketing our technologies to various end users. These include produce growers, primarily in hydroponic greenhouses, fish farms, and various water bodies in need of remediation including ponds, wastewater systems, and golf course water locations.

Our end users have, and continue to, record and maintain simple data, and comparative data, where possible, to confirm the value of the technology. While we continue to respond to inquiries about other applications for supermarkets, fishing boats, washing machines, the equine world, and others, we believe that from a management stand point, at this time, we should direct our energies primarily to the opportunities presented by greenhouses, fish farms, produce growers and water reclamation.

As the range of possible applications and products evolves we expect Blue Planet Environmental to position itself as an advisor to any number of end users in need of improving water quality, increasing oxygen levels, pursuing water and energy conservation strategies, and other benefits. We are excited about this role and the numerous opportunities it offers. For the many of you who have supported our efforts please accept my sincerest thanks for all you have done to enable us to reach this point in our development.

Sincerely Yours,

Richard Lonetto
Ph.D., President & Director

Key Facts


  • Blue Planet Environmental is an Ontario, Canada based technology company established in July 2005.
  • Blue Planet Environmental develops, patents, field and third party tests its core technology - Micro Nano Bubble Generation.
  • Blue Planet Environmental conducts its research and development out of its Toronto office and works with Blue Planet Environmental (BPE) Marketing Services LLC in New York City to bring its products to market.
  • Blue Planet Environmental has its technology installed in North, Central and South America and China. All field trials have been successful and Blue Planet Environmental plans on expanding into Europe.
  • Blue Planet Environmental has launched a consumer range of products that bring the benefits of oxygenation to the home user and is expanding its range in 2014.